The Open Library Foundation Announces WOLFcon 2024

Annual Conference Supports Collaboration Among Librarians, Technologists, Designers, Service Providers and Vendors

January 3, 2024 |, ,

PHILADELPHIA — January 3, 2024 — The Open Library Foundation (OLF) has announced that WOLFCon 2024 will take place September 24-26, 2024, at Senate House, University of London. OLF welcomes all library professionals curious about open-source initiatives to join this collaborative event.

WOLFcon brings together members from OLF’s project communities and product users from around the world to foster collaborative discussions, presentations, workshops and working meetings. This annual event catalyzes conversations centering on advancements in open-source technology and the evolution of library workflows and patron needs. WOLFcon captures OLF’s steadfast dedication to creating positive change and nurturing a vibrant community committed to open-source technologies.

WOLFcon 2023 was hosted at the David Rubenstein Forum, University of Chicago, drawing a diverse array of libraries driven by a shared mission — to explore ways that open-source projects can support library evolution. In today’s dynamic information landscape, embracing new and innovative technologies becomes crucial in shaping the future of library services. Noteworthy topics included Open RS, FOLIO Library Services Platform (LSP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), BIBFRAME and Linked Data. Distinguished speakers representing institutions such as the University of Chicago, Library of Congress, MOBIUS Consortium, Chalmers University of Technology and, VuFind® enriched the event with their insights.

As an international community, OLF intends WOLFcon to serve as an inclusive platform, extending an open invitation to individuals looking to learn more about open-source initiatives within the library space. WOLFcon 2024, hosted in the United Kingdom, is expected to facilitate increased engagement among members in Europe, fostering broader participation and more diverse perspectives within the community.

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