The Foundation serves as a home, and provides infrastructure and services to open source communities in the library space.

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  • GOKb Global Open Knowledgebase
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FOLIO is a collaboration of libraries, developers and vendors building an open source library services platform. It supports traditional resource management functionality and can be extended into other institutional areas.


The Global Open Knowledgebase (GOKb) is a community-managed, open data platform that provides information about electronic resources. Participants work on creating high-quality data for core knowledge base components, freely accessible to everyone via our web app and open APIs.



VuFind is a flexible open source discovery layer designed to provide a consistent and configurable user interface on top of search and library account management functionality. It supports a wide variety of metadata formats, library systems and third-party APIs, and it is designed to be easily extended and customized.


The Advanced Research Consortium (ARC)

As a hub of humanities research nodes, ARC contains resources spanning the bulk of existing Western written documents, from medieval times to the early 20th century. Each ARC node contains data about existing documents, scanned page images (with text transcriptions), scholarly research related to the node’s documents, and teaching and research tools, including open-source software, that helps humanities researchers to work with digital text and images. ARC coordinates the various resources of the nodes, combining them into a single catalog of metadata, images, and texts, and the ARC nodes provide peer-review for research projects derived from the resources.

The Open Resource Sharing Coalition (OpenRS)

The Open Resource Sharing Coalition (OpenRS), a resource sharing initiative created in partnership with library consortia, open-source developers, and vendors. The Coalition is a heterogeneous resource sharing system that is ILS and Discovery agnostic that accommodates the full spectrum of mediated and unmediated resource sharing.

Project ReShare

Project ReShare sets the standard for how libraries collaborate, partner, share resources, and connect patrons to the information they require by developing user-centered, standards-based, community-driven, and community-owned library technologies and tools.

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