Open Library Foundation Projects

Project members are communities that build or support open source software for libraries or within the information science space and call the Foundation their administrative home.

The Foundation supports these projects in a variety of ways and project members have access to professional services that the Foundation provides.

Benefits for Projects
  • Member of a community of communities
  • Participation in Foundation committees including WOLFcon Steering Committee
  • Eligibility for project member board of directors seat
  • Updates included in the Foundation Newsletter
  • Access to Foundation project services (see below)
Annual Fee: $1,000 + services charged per options chosen below

Note on Annual Fees: The above is a guideline for establishing formal membership within the Foundation. However, the Foundation is committed to improve access and inclusivity in the open source community.

Project Services Program

Below is a list of all add-on options you may want to select, when becoming a Project Member of the Foundation. We look forward to discussing each of these options with you in greater detail. To inquire about these benefits, or take the next steps to becoming a member, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Administrative Benefits
Legal & SMLLC
Foundation setup of Project 501c3
Legal safe harbor of Project IP
Access to reputable non-profit legal firm for quotes for services
Fee Structure: Y1 Set up – $2,500; Annual – $2,000
Banking / Accounting
Dedicated banking accounts with PNC Bank
Professional accountancy
Invoicing and Bill Payment mechanisms
Yearly financial audit and tax preparation
Fee Structure: Y1 Set up – $2,500; Annual – $1,000
Domain/Website Support
GoDaddy Domains
InMotion website hosting
Fee Structure: Annual – $100
Infrastructure Benefits
Google Suite/Google Storage
Fee Structure: Annual – $250
Amazon Web Services – Setup and support
TestRails – Setup and support
Fee Structure: Both benefits are monthly based on usage

SMLLC instantiation:

Inclusion of some projects in the Foundation requires the instantiation of a wholly owned Open Library Foundation subsidiary in the form of an SMLLC (single member limited liability company, where the Open Library Foundation is the owning single member) to effect clear delineations of legal, banking and operational activities between various Open Library Foundation entities.

Benefits of SMLLC instantiation:

  • The Foundation holds the IP of the SMLLC.
  • SMLLC’s can construct their own leadership structure and governance rules.
  • SMLLC’s can engage in their own contractual agreements.
  • SMLLC’s are a legal entity with whom the Foundation (and others!) can contract for services.
  • SMLLC’s as legal entities ‘own’ their funds- this ownership protects project funds from other project’s/organization’s liabilities. Assets are not held in common.

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