Support the Open Library Foundation on Giving Tuesday

November 25, 2020 |

Tuesday, December first is Giving Tuesday. You can show your support for library-related open source and open access projects by donating to the Open Library Foundation. Support the Open Library Foundation itself or one of its projects including FOLIO and WOLFcon (and more open source communities actively considering membership next year) by donating at: Learn more about the Open Library Foundations, its communities, members and supporters at:

Giving Tuesday is a great way for you and your institution to show your support for open source and open access library projects that are designed as innovation platforms — new software and resources for libraries. Donating to the Open Library Foundation and its projects ensures the sustainability of projects designed to foster collaboration among librarians, technologists, designers, service providers and vendors.

Incoming Open Library Foundation Board President, Tom Cramer, Chief Technology Strategist and Associate University Librarian for the Stanford University Libraries, says Giving Tuesday is a great way to learn more about and support open source projects. “The Open Library Foundation supports a variety of open source projects that are innovating for libraries. Donating to the Foundation and the open source projects it supports ensures project sustainability and allows the Foundation to plan for the future.”

Outgoing Open Library Foundation President, David Carlson, Dean of University Libraries at Texas A&M University says as the Open Library Foundation expands, so does the need for support. “Foundation projects and the communities around them helped to stand up the Open Library Foundation. By donating to the Foundation or it projects, or by joining the Foundation, institutions, organization and communities can help libraries improve the services they provide users and the systems library staff use to run their libraries.”

Become part of the Open Library Foundation — make a donation to the Foundation or one of its projects and help ensure the growth of these open source communities. Giving Tuesday is a reminder that you can make a difference for libraries around the world.