FOLIO Featured By French Press Agency AEF

August 30, 2016|,

French news agency AEF interviewed Director of Common Service Documentation at Montaigne University, Bordeaux, Grégory Miura about the FOLIO initiative.

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Introducing FOLIO — A new collaboration bringing libraries, service providers and developers together to speed innovation and redefine the future of library automation

June 24, 2016|,

A community-based open source environment, backed by vendor financial commitment, is designed to provoke a conversation about library innovation and technology

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“EBSCO Supports New Open Source Project,” Marshall Breeding in American Libraries

April 1, 2016|,

In this April 2016 American Libraries article, Marshall Breeding provides an overview of the open source project.

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Index Data at Code4Lib

March 1, 2016|,

In this presentation at the Code4Lib conference, Sebastian Hammer from Index Data introduces the open source LSP project.

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