The Open Library Foundation Names First Open Source Project to its Project Incubation Program

~ The Library Data Platform becomes First Open Library Foundation Incubation Project ~

February 8, 2022 |,

PHILADELPHIA — February 8, 2022 — The Open Library Foundation has invited the Library Data Platform (LDP) to be the first open source project to participate in its Project Incubation Program. The program is designed to support early-stage open source projects and communities that are developing the balanced and robust mix of technology, governance, resourcing and community engagement required to be self-sustaining.

Library Data Platform began in 2018 as an effort to provide a reporting platform for FOLIO, an open source library services platform, and also to promote open source analytics and data integration capabilities in libraries. The LDP project community currently supports both FOLIO and Project ReShare and offers software that can serve as an open analytics infrastructure for diverse applications.

The Incubator Program aligns with the Open Library Foundation’s mission to foster, connect and support open source projects in the library space internationally. The Project Incubation Program allows the Foundation to support projects that are developing technology of interest that fits with the Open Library Foundation community, and that have the promise of becoming self-sustaining, fully fledged, mature and vibrant open source projects.

Nassib Nassar from the Library Data Platform project says the incubator program gives emerging projects an opportunity to partner with other open source projects. “Being a part of the Open Library Foundation’s Community of Communities is a great way for newer projects to make connections and meet with Foundation community members at working meetings such as WOLFCon.”

The incubator program allows small projects access to infrastructure services from the Open Library Foundation including banking and accounting, website and communications as well as gain assistance with governance, resource planning, road mapping and the search for funding.

Tom Cramer from the Open Library Foundation says as the incubator program grows, it gives the Open Library Foundation the opportunity to expand. “Being able to find and help support emerging projects allows the Open Library Foundation to connect and support projects that are aligned with its mission to bring together and support open source projects that benefit libraries around the world. Our goal is to help these small projects become self–sustaining and continue to grow.”
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