Elizabeth German Joins The Open Library Foundation as Senior Program Officer


PHILADELPHIA — February 24, 2021 — The Open Library Foundation has named Elizabeth German to the role of Senior Program Officer. German is an associate professor and the service design librarian at Texas A&M University and will work with the Foundation’s Board to support Foundation operations and strategic initiatives.

The Open Library Foundation enables the development, accessibility and sustainability of open source software and communities for and by libraries. The Foundation also looks to increase awareness of open source initiatives and advocate for the benefits of open source in the library space.

Open Library Foundation Board President Tom Cramer, the Associate University Librarian and Director of Digital Library Systems and Services at Stanford University, says German will work closely with the Board. “While the Foundation is looking to support more projects and communities, we are also looking for volunteers to take part in the Open Library Foundation. Beth will be providing both strategic and operational leadership as the Foundation builds programs, and a diverse group of volunteers who make up the Open Library Foundation.”

German says her taking this role at the Open Library Foundation is an outgrowth of her support for open source technology. “Open source software can be transformative for industries and communities, being a part of the Open Library Foundation and working towards fulfilling its mission is a great way to support expansion of open source resources.”

Cramer says the Open Library Foundation should be a vehicle for thought leaders looking to expand the use of open source technology. “The organizations and volunteers involved in the Open Library Foundation are a testament to the power open source has to galvanize people to solve problems, and for libraries to help build and shape their services in the 21st century.”
German says her experience building processes and systems at Texas A&M is a natural fit. “The Open Library Foundation has entered a new phase in its development. I’m excited to use my skills in project management, user experience, and association organization to expand the value the Foundation adds to the library open source community.”

In 2021, the Foundation will be focusing on strengthening a global network of library open source projects and communities that leverage and reinforce each other. This comes after two years of successful work to establish the Foundation’s operational basis, led by Ginny Boyer, OLF Managing Director from 2019-2020 and Scott Anderson, current OLF Treasurer.

About the Open Library Foundation

The Open Library Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organization designed to ensure the availability, accessibility and sustainability of open source projects for and by libraries. The Foundation provides an environment in which the library community can organize, contribute to, and benefit from open source. Find out more about the Open Library Foundation at www.openlibraryfoundation.org.


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