WOLFcon 2023 – Preliminary Agenda

The following sessions have been proposed and accepted for WOLFcon 2023. This agenda is subject to change before WOLFcon.  Please check back near the end of June for a more complete agenda and schedule.

Session Title Track(s)
Measuring the elephants: applying open source health metrics to our projects FOLIO, General
FOLIO LSP as the truely multilingual platform FOLIO, VuFind
Product Owners meeting FOLIO
Productivity Tips for POs FOLIO
Architectural Roadmap FOLIO
VuFind®: State of the Project 2023 VuFind
VuFind® Roadmapping VuFind
Open Source Fundraising: Brainstorming and Collaboration ARC, FOLIO, GOKb, LDP/MetaDB, ReShare, VuFind, OLF
What do we mean when we say “FOLIO needs developers”? FOLIO
Broadcast Messages and Custom Pages VuFind
Managing user information via an API VuFind
Please explain the rank of the title. Why is it found at all? VuFind
FOLIO and Next Level AuthN/Z FOLIO
Applications and the Management Thereof FOLIO
Folio Platforms FOLIO
MOBIUS and Extended Consortial Support for Folio FOLIO
Metadata Management SIG working meeting FOLIO
Platform Decisions for FOLIO Self-Deployment on Kubernetes FOLIO
18 months in the FOLIO trenches at Spokane Public Library FOLIO
The future of mod-user-import FOLIO
Feedback on Users app from implementers FOLIO
Folio Users app Lab session FOLIO
Getting Started with FOLIO Reporting FOLIO, LDP/MetaDB
Experiences of Institutions with FOLIO Reporting FOLIO, LDP/MetaDB
Getting Started with LDLite FOLIO
What is the Reporting SIG? FOLIO
Hosting Metadb – best practices LDP/MetaDB
Lists App FOLIO
Using the FOLIO Migration Tools FOLIO
Linked Data and BIBFRAME World for FOLIO FOLIO
Metadb 1.0: an open-source data platform for analytics FOLIO, LDP/MetaDB, ReShare
Analyzing, understanding and (hopefully) fixing degraded search performance VuFind
ERM – connecting KBs as metadata sources FOLIO
Using Licenses app in practice FOLIO
Dashboard app and how it is used in practice FOLIO
App Interaction: UX/UI needs across apps FOLIO
App Interaction: Cross-app search FOLIO
SIG conveners FOLIO
FOLIO goes LibraryNetworX FOLIO, GOKb
Inventory reference data: Considerations for customizations, translations, system upgrades FOLIO
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for library software with reference to Let’s Encrypt certificates VuFind
Alternative import workflow for Inventory data beyond CBS FOLIO
Documentation WG meeting FOLIO
Interrogation of Next Generation Open Source Library Software based on the Culture of Software Deployment by Nigerian Libraries FOLIO, GOKb, ReShare, VuFind
FOLIO Roadmap Update FOLIO
FOLIO and Metadb: Strengthing the Relationship FOLIO, LDP/MetaDB
FOLIO Release Management Process: How does this Work? FOLIO
Quality Assurance in Examination ReShare
Marva: A Bibframe Editor for FOLIO FOLIO
Software testing: How to design a software testing process for everyone General, Technical
New Workflows & Features in GOKb GOKb
Brainstorming Workflows in FOLIO FOLIO
Current State of App and Module Evaluation by the PC and TC FOLIO
Folio meets Share-VDE: collaborative entity management workflows FOLIO
ReShare DCB FOLIO, ReShare, OLF
Experiments in AI-created metadata OLF, General