World Open Library Foundation Conference

WOLFcon 2020 College Station Texas January 22-24

What is it?

This annual conference is open to all members of the community, and to anyone who wants to learn more about the Foundation and the open source communities that are a part of it. There will be a general track at this conference that will focus on high level information about the communities and on topics related to open source software in general.

If you have a question about working meetings or how to be more involved in WOLFcon, please reach out to your project’s representative:

Open Library Foundation Marketing Outreach SIG

Ginny Boyer – Managing Director, OLF
Stephanie Buck – OLF Executive Committee
Rachel Fadlon – FOLIO & Convener of OLF Marketing Outreach
Moritz Horn – GOKb
Demian Katz – VuFind
Kathleen McEvoy – FOLIO/OLF Social Media & Public Relations
Anne McKee – ReShare
Maike Osters – Open Library Environment (OLE)
Kate Waldron – FOLIO , WOLFcon Lead
Heather Wilson – CORAL
Patrick Zinn – Open Library Environment (OLE)

Our Sponsors

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